Captain’s notes:
-NOAA Chart #14786.
-Due to low bridge clearance sailboats must unstep masts.
-Lock Master listen to VHF channel 13
-Tolls: All boats passing through a lock or lift bridge on the Canal System must purchase the appropriate pass. Tolls for           recreational vessels are based on vessel size.-
-Guide: The Cruising Guide to the New York State Canal System
-Marinas list on the canal system:

-Caution: While crossing Oneida lake when the winds are above 20 knots, beware of the famous "Oneida square waves" ( A nasty chop) , make sure the mast is well secured on deck or better yet wait for a better day. There are good tie-ups in the canal on either side of the Lake and entertainment nearby.

The New York State Canal System includes four Canals:the Erie, Champlain, Oswego and Cayuga-Seneca; canalized natural waterways, plus five lakes: Oneida, Onondaga, Cross, Cayuga and Seneca .
A legacy born more than 175 years ago, the 524-miles of historic waterway are easily accessible by boat. If coming from the south, cruising up the Hudson River will bring boaters to the eastern entrance of the Erie Canal in Waterford.
If continuing north, boaters will then enter the Champlain Canal. Lake Champlain connects at it's north end to the Canadian Canal System (Chambly Canal and Richelieu River) and thus the St Lawrence Seaway.   Traveling from east to west on the Erie Canal, boaters can also gain access to the Great Lakes by connecting with the Oswego Canal to enter Lake Ontario or continuing west to the end of the Erie Canal, where by traversing the Federal Black Rock Lock, one can enter Lake Erie. The Cayuga-Seneca Canal also connects with the Erie Canal in the central part of New York, allowing boaters to visit the Finger Lakes region as well.

Canal System Statistics:

Total Mileage: 524 miles
                                Segment Mileage:
                                                       Erie Canal:338 miles
                                                       Champlain Canal:60 miles
                                                       Oswego Canal:24 miles
                                                       Cayuga-Seneca Canal:12 miles and to Ithaca add 45 miles
                                                                                                       to Watkins Glen/Montour Falls add 45 miles

There are 57 locks and 16 lift bridges on the Canal System.
The Locks have a dimension of 328 feet long, 45 feet wide and the area available for vessels is 300 feet long, 43.5 feet wide
The Erie's locks vary from a minimum lift of 6 feet to a maximum lift of 40.5 feet in lock 17 at Little Falls.
(Information on How to "Lock Through" Canal System Locks )

Bridge Clearances and Channel Depths:

Erie Canal: Locks: 33
            Waterford to Three Rivers: Bridge Clearances: 21 feet Channel Depths: 14 feet
            Three Rivers to Tonawanda Bridge Clearances: 15.5 feet Channel Depths: 12 feet

Oswego Canal:
             Bridge Clearances: 21 feet Channel Depths: 14 feet

Champlain Canal:
             Bridge Clearances: 17 feet Channel Depths: 12 feet

Cayuga-Seneca Canal:
             Bridge Clearances: 16.5 feet Channel Depths: 12 feet

*Bridge clearances are given at normal pool and are subject to variation.

             Lakes- no speed limit.
             Rivers- 45 mph.
             Where NYS navigation law dictates it is 5 mph.

Mast Stepping:

At lake Erie Canal Junction:
           Wardell Boatyard
           1 Sweeney St.
           No. Tonawanda, NY 14120
           (716) 692-9428

On the Hudson:
Albany - Scarrano boatworks or the Albany Yacht club have cranes and do stepping.
Catskill - Hop O Nose Marina
            162 W Main St, Catskill, NY 12414 - (518) 943-4640
            Wet Slips: 12, Transient Slips: 70, Gas, Diesel, Pump Out, Restrooms, Boat & Motor Repair
           -River-View Marine
            103 Main St, Catskill, NY 12414 - (518) 943-5311
            Wet Slips: 22, Gas, Diesel, Restrooms, Haul Out, Boat & Motor Repair
           -do-it-yourself crane provided by the yacht club at Castleton on Hudson

On Lake Champlain:
If you are sailing on up the lake your two best bet's are Point Bay Marina and the Shelburne Shipyard.

-Lock 12C Marina:They have a 9ft approach depth and a mast stepping crane.
          82 N. Williams St.
          Whitehall, NY 12887
         (518) 499-2049
         (VHF 09, 16)
         -Chipman Point Marina - 19 miles north of Whitehall on the Vermont shore. Phone is 802-948-2288. 15 feet of water           at the dock
         -Point Bay Marina Phone: 802-425-2431

         -Shelburne Shipyard 802-985-3326 -

           Oswego Marina
           3 Basin Street
           Oswego, NY 13126
          (315) 342-0436

Entering the canal from Lake Erie:
             Charts: NOAA #: 14833 Buffalo Harbor New York
             Chart # 14832 Upper Niagara River

                NOAA Chart #14786
             Charts: NOAA #: 14833 Buffalo Harbor New York

From Lake Erie Bell buoy RW “B” Mo (A) enter BLACK ROCK CANAL via North Entrance ( 42 51.554 N – 078 54.435 w) or the South entrance ( 42 50.301 N - 078 52.563) into OUTER HARBOR MIDDLE CHANNEL and then Black Rock Canal.
Black Rock Lock: ( Army Corps of Engineers) ( 42 56.072 N – 078 54. 378 W)

mast stepping:
                   Wardell Boatyard
                   1 Sweeney St.
                   No. Tonawanda, NY 14120
                   (716) 692-9428

Entering the canal from Lake Ontario
Use NOAA chart # 14813
      NOAA Chart #14786

Mast Stepping:
Oswego Marina
3 Basin Street
Oswego, NY 13126
(315) 342-0436

Entering the canal from the Hudson
Use NOAA chart # 12348
       NOAA Chart #14786

Entering the canal from Lake Champlain
Use NOAA chart # 14784
       NOAA Chart #14786

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